Branded application form on your website
and a Cloud-based Management Platform.


  • “Scattershot giving,” or request-driven giving, that limits CSR impact
  • Frustration of donation requests with incomplete data to make a decision
  • Non-uniform formats of donation requests (via email, mail, phone, walk-ins)
  • Inability to track impact of corporate giving
  • Unknown as a socially-conscious business due to un-focused or non-trackable giving programs
  • Frustration of approving or denying incompatible donation requests due to lack of a coherent corporate giving policy/program

“I love how easy it is to navigate. It is super simple and straight-forward.”

Aya O.

“I love that it is an automated form and we can stop using Excel spreadsheets for these requests. I like that there is an approval process built in.”

Tracey F.

“I like the ease of use and the ability to track what we’re doing. The customer service is outstanding.”

Matt M.

“The customer service is excellent- the team worked with my organization closely to get us set up with a customized product that suited our unique needs.”

Mariah M.

“This software turned the very cumbersome 2-3 person process of reviewing, responding and fulfilling in-kind requests into a seamless one-person, part-time job.”

Deidre F.

“Givily provided a platform to structure our donation program in a way that was far more meaningful than just fulfilling requests…”

Enjoy Life Foods

Givily gave us a system that is easy for both non-profits and our company to use. All of the information that you need to process requests is in a single dashboard.


Utilize donation request data as part of your marketing strategy