We streamline the charitable giving process
and equip you to sort through the endless amount of requests quickly,
uncover the best opportunities, track important data,
and graciously decline what doesn’t align with your charitable mission.

A web-based donation request management tool


  • Engage in more strategic giving
  • Increase Transparency
  • Build Trust
  • Track & Understand your Corporate Giving Data
  • Uncover the best/most impactful giving opportunities aligned with your mission & business goals
  • Increase Community Engagement
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Craft Strong Brand Reputation
  • Maximize Brand Recognition
  • Shift from Request-Driven to Impact-Driven Giving
  • Collect stories about your community engagement

You’re in good company

“This software turned the very cumbersome 2-3 person process of reviewing, responding
and fulfilling in-kind requests into a seamless one-person, part-time job.”
Deidre F

Open A Manageable Inbox

The Givily application, hosted on your website, asks inquiring nonprofits the right questions so you get all the information you will need from the beginning itself.

Carry Out Your Company’s Mission

Carry out your company’s giving priorities with clarity & ease.

Spot Marketing Opportunities

With our data you’ll be able to immediately envision the impact your donation will make on your target audience, without having to make any further inquiries.

Get Answers For Your Boss

Get real data on how many organizations you support this quarter, how much you gave and so much more, all in one place.

Build Your Brand Credibility

Browse your donation requests in an organized manner so you can compare applications to find which cause best aligns with your company’s mission.

Strategic Partnerships

Identify and create relationships that reinforce your brand