Service – We will love. We will serve. We will listen. We will be responsive. We will graciously come alongside our partners and help them fulfill the vision we’ve created together.

Economic – We commit to being a model of fiscal responsibility. We will succeed when we create an environment of win-win opportunities for our employees, vendors and clients alike. We strive to be open and honest about these goals to any and all. We commit to being honest, fair and responsible with our resources.

Societal/Environmental – We believe smart organizations can change the world, and the spark to that change will come from authentic, strategic partnerships with nonprofits and their communities. Improving the proper use of an organization’s resources will empower nonprofits to extend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness at home and around the world.


Our grant program is offered to a limited number of small businesses and nonprofits every year.  Our goal is to help up to 100 small businesses launch their giving program and to help non-profits efficiently manage their intake forms and application process.  We do that by providing them with a 1 year free subscription to our platform.   There’s no commitment required and they can cancel our service at any time.  No catch!  Our intention of this grant program is honestly just to help small businesses do good for their communities.  Our platform helps by streamlining the process and allowing them to efficiently manage their in-kind donations and sponsorships.  If after the first year, they are fortunate to become profitable enough to pay for our service, then we roll them over to a monthly or yearly payment schedule based on the volume of requests they are managing.  If not, they can reapply for an extension each year.

To apply, select the appropriate link below.   

To certify for a nonprofit grant, you must be a certified 501c3. You will receive a 1 year free subscription with the chance to apply for a renewal after the first year. 

If you are a new or small business that is launching or streamlining your giving program, Givily provides you with a 1 year free subscription with the chance to apply for a renewal after the first year. 


Being a B Corporation means that our business has been certified to put social and environmental change at its core.

For six years, givily has put making an impact for our clients and ourselves front and center. In 2015, we doubled down on our community-based work, and made the leap to become a completely cause-driven tech company. After meeting the rigorous criteria, we joined the ranks of over 2,400 other businesses that care as much as we do about making a difference.




1.Being a B Corp is serious business.
Inc. Magazine calls the certification, “The highest standard for socially responsible businesses.” Members lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good™

2.B Corps are everywhere.
Over 1,000 companies in more than 30 countries and more than 60 industries. We’re connected to a community of people accelerating impact around the world.

3.Some of your favorite brands are part of this movement.
We’re part of an illustrious crew that includes Etsy, Warby Parker, Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia, just to name a few.

4.You can join us.
More than 40,000 businesses worldwide have taken the B Corp Impact Assessment to measure their influence on their people, community and the environment. Why not make the bigger commitment to use your business as a force for good?

Graciously decline what doesn’t align with your charitable mission.