We streamline the charitable giving process & help you utilize donation request data as part of your marketing strategy

We equip you to sort through the endless amount of requests quickly, uncover the best opportunities to grow your brand in the market, track important data, and graciously decline what doesn’t align with your charitable mission.

What we provide

The Benefits of Givily


Marketing & Exposure

Maximize the marketing exposure and goodwill that you get from your micro-investments in the community. We aggregate previously untapped customer data to equip you to improve marketing and PR campaigns.


Understand The Data

Have the ability to learn about your giving, like never before, and share that in powerful ways. Creative reporting provides greater clarity with the public or company leadership.


Strong Brand Reputation

Build brand recognition by optimizing the alignment of your charitable investments. Our system makes it easy for you to see the causes you really want to support.


Bolster Your Brand

Defend your brand through application language that has been thoughtfully optimized in the face of having to deny charity applications. Saying “no” to donation requests through our system actually makes your customers happy.


Build Trust

Build trust with your customers through rapid and thoughtful communication. Applicants love our communication system, and it saves you 60% of the time.


Reputation Consistency

Support your brand’s mission by sharing and managing social media opportunities with the causes you support.

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Who's using Givily?

Here's What Real Users Are Saying...

Givily gave us a system that is easy for both non-profits and our company to use. All of the information you need to process requests is in a single dashboard.”


Since integrating the application on our website, we are able to compile and fulfill philanthropic requests more easily and efficiently than ever.”

Frog Pond

Givily provided a platform to structure our donation program in a way that was far more meaningful than just fulfilling requests…”

Enjoy Life Foods

"We believe when companies use donations as a tool for marketing they gain significant brand recognition and adoration from their target market."

Amy Kauffman - Founder

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